Final Reflection

Identity was the highlight of the semester honestly. Never thought that I would be inspired by the conversations we had in class about identity that made me think about it. Before I thought I had my own identity but I never thought what is it. I started thinking about it in class. Then during the first session at Soliya we discussed identity more, then I discovered more factors of identity that I never thought of even in class about identity. The final presentations, I think it’s so important to experience the journey of self learning. I felt like me and my team were thrown in the middle of the sea and we had to teach ourselves how to swim and get out of it with the max output of information. It was very irritating at the beginning and I lost my mind when we first started the research because I didn’t know exactly what are we supposed to do but then we we set outline for the topic it become easier and more interesting honestly. I think for the presentation the only thing that might be more interesting is the chosen topics. They were kind of boring or not interesting at least for me. Other than this everything was very useful.

There are two main games/ activities which contributed in my learning. The game were we had to put ourselves in the situation of others, I think it was related to identity. It was very interesting and insightful. The other activity is when we had to come up with paragraph from many words.

If there will be any changes in this course I would say that the multiple communication methods we had to abide by should be the main change. It was VERY confusing for me using slack (which until now I don’t know how to use), and the blog. I didn’t have issues with the blog but I always forgot to post assignments here and there. It was VERY VERY confusing and time consuming for no valid clear reason for me. The second thing is the MOOC, it wasn’t the most irritating experience for me.

If I would describe this course in one sentence it would be:

You will get out of it with at least 2-3 new life concepts to live with for the rest of your life.

Here is my infographic for the reflection:



One thought on “Final Reflection

  1. thanks for this, Sara – and btw regarding final presentation topics, these were all topics YOU as students chose as topics of interest during a mid-semester survey I did … but I said you can choose any other topic and check with me if I’m OK with it, and some people did that. Thanks for this reflection, and it was awesome to teach you again.


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