2 sessions of Soliya!

It was my first time to hear about Soliya. I read about it before the sessions started but I didn’t realized how its beneficial, so at the beginning I was just doing it because Professor Maha said so.

Most of the first session was wasted in how people are still connecting to the program and checking their camera and microphones but we got to know each others. The first activity which was identifying your identity was very different. even though we had the same activity in class at the beginning of the semester. But I guess this time is different because the facilitator asked us who want to start sharing their 7 important identities. I don’t know why but I raised my hands and went first. I thought it would be just sharing my points and thats it. until people from different cultures started asking questions about what I said so it made me think more.

I have a problem in turning my thoughts into words, and they kept on asking more questions that required me to go more deeply into my thoughts and express them out loud. It was very hard for me honestly but It was worth it.

I had a second thought on some of the points I wrote down. But it was definitely worth it. after the session was done, I realized the importance of the program. Meeting new people from different cultures, expressing our thoughts in a way that they would understand and most importantly practicing how to run a good communication skills.

the second session was a little bit different because my camera and microphone were not working for some reason and I was catching up with them through typing which wasn’t as efficient as the first time. But I tried to get into the conversation as much as possible through typing. I was very nervous at the beginning because it was so frustrating communicating through typing, maybe because I hate communication through typing. Then I realized that I should get advantage of it and start strengthening this type of communication skill. I got into the conversation where they were talking about how physical appearance affect the way we talk to the people. I disagreed with them because I think that physical appearance should not by any means affect out way of communication. Maybe it touched my because I’m always judged from people by my dress code. At the end of the session we had like an activity to in pairs to figure out the interest of my pair and what is the video.article which caused him to have an emotional reaction and why was this reaction. This activity was very nice but the given time which was 10 min was very short. We got to dig deeper into other cultures through the thoughts of my pair.

to sum up, Soliya is such a great thing.


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