This is the second draft of my game:

I will be waiting for more feedback in order to improve it.

I enjoyed the process so much as I was always putting myself in the place of the player in order to meet the expectations of the players.



2 thoughts on “CONNECTED, BUT ALONE?

  1. hi Sarah – sorry for the delay in giving feedback. It’s a fun game, but would be better if you explained what each of the categories in the end mean in more detail and give advice maybe to the player? I also noticed the game does not use any links at all… it would make more sense and make it a better game if each decision in the game takes the player somewhere to learn something… e.g. in the picture with the bride, you could say “did you take permission from your friend to post her picture?” and for the times you decide not to take a photo “your parents were disappointed that you didn’t post any pictures from your trip – and asked you to send them on WhatsApp?” or something like that..


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