Digital Narrative Games

I played 6 games which are Spent, Sleep deprived mom game, Responsible Partying, Sweet Sweepers, Orphanage and Gender Equality .

The best game among all these was Spent because of its visuals. I noticed that visuals of any game is one of the most important aspect. Sweet Sweepers game was very short. The responsible partying was the most boring one because of the text. When the text any the game is too long, it turn it to be so boring.

The Sleep deprived mom game was very interesting but it just lacked the visuals. But the situations are very interesting and I can imagine that if there were visuals it would be such an awesome game.

The Gender equality game was not well done in terms of the technicals, the game is made by a slide presentation and its not working out very well, I was just skipping through the slides.

Generally, those games were a red light in terms of thinking of my game. I has a second thought about a couple of ideas in my head for my game after playing these games. It made me think more about the purpose and the visuals as well as the form of the game.


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