“Did the students fail, or did we fail them?” Tim Sullivan

One of the most inspiring lectures I’ve ever watched. Honestly, this lecture was a burden on me and I kept of postponing it until the last minute. From the first five minutes, I was amazed by the topic and also how mind blowing this guy is.

He pointed out a curical issue that we never thought of, and when we do we ignore thinking about it or even finding solutions for it. The issue is “How to motivate the unmotivated students?”

His analysis of the issue is so true. It clearly explains and summarizes the past couple of years with all its political events in the middle east and the gulf area and how they affected every single aspect in the region. His division of the two groups categorizes the majority of youth espeically in Egypt.

I think we should shed more light to this issue and stop ignoring it, istead we should act for better future for such youth. Professors should really start asking themselves, “Did the students fail, or did we fail them?”


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