We’re all HUMANS!

I missed the class for some reason, however I followed up with what they did afterwards and believe it or not, I regret more not attending this class because of the topic. Microaggression, I believe used to be common in US and Europe, but now it has been highly growing in Egypt.

Many people, especially at AUC wonder that I speak English because of my Abayya outfit, which I believe is more of insensibility from  them. Even we’re in a ‘supposedly’ Islamic country and also an institute that teaches us not to stereotype and judge by looks, they don’t get that wearing a abbaya does not necessarily mean that I don’t read or write and I don’t have mind and also I’m forced to wear it from my family. I get such comments A LOT, sometimes verbal and other times through the empathy looks they give me. Up until I speak out loud in English, they turn around wondering how this voice is coming out of this creature.

It’s bad, It’s harmful, people are not aware of the amount of emotional abuse they cause to others. I personally don’t get affected by such comments or looks, but I believe that there would be someone else who is less confident may be destroyed because of such attitude or questions.

No on has the right to categorize humans in such an awful, stupid way.


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