Return back on creativity track!

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Some people unintentionally destroy their problem solving creativity by surrendering to negative attitudes. If you are part of this group, don’t panic because you will always have the opportunity to return back on track and inspire the world.

One of the main attitudes, which strongly affect any creative problem solver, is curiosity. There is a trend amongst adults, namely that they refuse to address questions that come from child curiosity. Instead, they silence their children by telling them, “When you grow up you will figure it out!” In addition, if we combine curiosity with challenging ourselves in order to completely solve a problem, new ideas will definitely be generated.

Is that all? Of course not. The most important attitude that you should be taking into consideration is faith. Not only does faith activate your creativity, but also it gives you the motivation to accomplish almost everything in life. If you have faith then you’ve already taken a big step.

Next, don’t judge! Indeed, in creativity it is a very negative attitude to judge a solution or an idea because it seems strange. Take a minute and reflect. Be an opportunist, take the good out of any “silly” solution and try to develop it instead of killing it. Finally, enjoy solving problems even if they’re not your own problems because you will benefit from them no matter what.


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